Causes of Male Infertility

Men suffer from infertility as well. Male infertitily has recently gone rapidly up.


Enlargement of blood vessels supplying ovary with blood, reduced production of functional sperm.

Semen Production Disorders

Failure of sperm maturation while preserving germinal layer of seminiferous tubules.

Sperm Duct Obstruction 

Mature sperm does not get to ejaculate but remain in ovary. This condition is very often caused by inflammations.

Retaining of One or Both Ovaries

The ovary may be retained in the abdominal cavity or inguinal canal (cryptorchidism). The retained ovary is unable to produce functional sperm. The sperm is prevented from maturation due to the temperature of 37°C.

Hormonal disorders

Insufficient hormonal production stimulating sperm production. These disorders are more frequent concerning genetically disadvantaged men.