Causes of Female Infertility

Causes of female infertility include fallopian tubes blockage, anovulation, endometriosis, immunological causes of infertility, uterine disorders and cervical disorders.

Fallopian Tubes Blockage, Adhesion

This disease occurs in women who have overcome inflamation of genital organs or sexually transmitted diseases. One or both fallopian tubes are affected by chronic inflammation and are not able to transmit an egg or embryo into uterus. If the blockage is complete, spontaneous pregnancy is impossible. If the blockage is partial, spontaneous pregnancy is possible but not very probable. Moreover, there is a risk of extrauterine pregnancy.


This term stands for the inability of fallopian tubes to ovulate – to release an egg which is able to be fertilized. It frequently occurs at women with irregular menstruation cycle, increased body hair, obesity, nipple discharge, congenital developmental defects and genetic defects.


Very specific and frequent disease during which the uterus mucous membrane cells get into abdominal cavity where they get attached and are subjected to menstruation cycle. The blood has nowhere to drain and small and bigger cysts filled with blood occur. These cysts are perceived by the immune system as foreign objects and the immune system reacts defensively. Adhesions and a reaction similar to inflammation occur  which prevent the woman from getting pregnant. Moreover, women affected by endometriosis suffers from pain.

Immunological Causes of Infertility

Partner´s sperm is perceived by woman´s organism as an antigen against which antibodies are produced. The antibodies are produced in cervical mucus and eliminate sperm. The sperm then does not get into higher parts of uterus.

Uterine Disorders

This is very frequent cause of infertility – inability to carry the fetus. These are developmental defects (septum in the cavity, various types of uterus duplications), adhesions occurring in the cavity after injuries (operations) and others.

Cervical Diseases

Weakening of cervical muscle both congenital and acquired (abortion, miscarriage), it causes infertility, premature miscarriages and premature births.