ReproGenesis, the clinic of reproductive medicine, is a private medical department which specializes in a detail diagnosis and treatment of female infertility, donor program covering eggs, sperm and embryos donation program.

We are owners of the most advanced database of donors in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this we are able to choose the most suitable donor who perfectly meets the couple´s requirements. Treatment in the ReproGenesis clinic starts immediately.

The clinic is concerned to be the most advanced and most modern medical department in the Czech Republic in terms of modern technology and equipment as well as using successful treatment methods. The expert team of doctors, embryologists and nurses with extensive exprience and knowledge gained both abroad and in the Czech Republic is known for high pregnancy success rate.

As one of a few clinics we continuously monitor development of embryos using camera monitoring system without having to manipulate the embryos outside the cultivation box. This method significantly increases the chance for implanting embryo into uterus and for getting pregnant. In addition, all the couples will be given a DVD documenting the implanted embryo´s development.

Infertility treatment is the matter of trust, quality and satisfaction. We base our strategy on empathy, helpfulness and understanding your worries and needs. We are fully aware of the fact that our embryologists´success is the beginning of your happinesss. Therefore we are continually doing our best to make your stay at the clinic as pleasant as possible.